Wednesday, May 2, 2012


结婚后,将集中点放在怀个龙宝宝。。。 一个月过一个月。。。四月是我最后的机会。。。 结果,确认真的怀孕了。。。我是如此的开心。。。 可是, 两天后,发现自己开始有些怪怪。。。 晚上睡觉时肚子突然非常非常疼痛。。。一段时间后。。我知道什么事了。。 我的身体排斥了它。。。它不跟我了。。。 我很伤心。。早上确认了,我哭了一场。。。不停不停的哭。。。 老公的安慰也不够安抚我。。。 我不是没有,是从有到没有了。。。 我还是坚持去工作,我开车到新山,我没胃口吃,就不吃了。。。 可是半途觉得快昏了。。。我决定见了一个客户就马上回昔加末。。。 回到家,到现在,我都把自己的情绪控制得不错。。。 我的内心在哭。。。可是我知道我不能一直这样的。。。 但是,请容许我伤心多三天,星期天我会好的。。。 妈咪的关怀和她煮的姜酒鸡。。。温暖了不少。。。

Friday, December 30, 2011



It’s been really LONG time I don’t write anything here~

Well, life after marriage… it been asked by many people ever since I completed my wedding celebration.

Okay, the answer is nothing changes but I’m preparing to conceive…

I thought I will have 2-3 years ‘honeymoon’ but now that I hope I get a dragon baby~ Ha!

Okay, back to my prep for the wedding, it’s been started since beginning of the year…

And now… it’s over…

I remember one of my best friends asked me a question on my wedding day: “How do you feel now?” My answer was: “I feel kind of relax because my hard time will be over tonight.”

Actually the prep process made me realize how much I love him. We had a lot of quarrels, but we overcame each everyone; we faced financial problem, but we solved one by one.

My conclusion is, whatever quarrels or misunderstanding come across, as long as we bring it out and have good talk, things will solve. I’m great that we come to understand each other now.

Phew~ come to my job huh?! Well, it was quite good at the beginning and great on the 5th to 7th month, I had brilliant result which broke everyone’s record. Yet, it’s a bad news for me as well. Madam boss will soon take back my east Malaysia territory and hand over to a local salesperson, and my job will be focus on northern peninsular.

Aww… smaller territory, and focus in a saturated area… it’s my 2012 challenge~ somehow I need to face it~ best of luck to me…

Now, turn to my health condition. I have good eating habit now. I have rice every day, do not skip any meals, and cut down junk food and cold food taking. Oh yeah~!

Guess what, I even learn to cook now! And that I enjoy cooking, and enjoy seeing others eating the food I prepared.

My 2012 wishes:

1) Get a dragon baby.

2) Get my own house.

My 2012 planning:

1) Start my own business.

2) Build and maintain my network.

3) Improve on healthy lifestyle and living.

4) Take MBA course if do not conceive baby by month of June.